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We provide online consultations completely anonymous via email-consulting and chat

How online counselling works

We will answer every request as soon as possible, usually within three working days.


Every counselling process is different. For example, email counselling could look like this:

  1. You register under "Email Counselling" with a username and password. You don´t have to reveal your identity or any personal data. You can choose an anonymous username.

  2. You describe your situation, fears and concerns or ask for specific information on the topics of religiousness, radicalisation, ideology or the like.

  3. The counsellor and you exchange several messages. Together, you analyse the situation and develop individual solutions.

  4. You and the counsellor can stay in touch while you carry out the solutions.

  5. The counsellor will help you for as long as you wish. You decide when you want to start the counselling process and when you want to end it.