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We provide online consultations completely anonymous via email-consulting and chat

Who we are

Sabil is an online counselling service offering opt-out assistance.

Our counselling team consists of certified online counsellors with various cultural backgrounds, language skills and gender identities. This means that we can advise you in a culturally sensitive and gender-specific way in different languages (German, Turkish, and Arabic).

In counselling, we gear ourselves to your interests and needs. Our aim is to support you in taking responsibility for your own life.

Thanks to advanced training courses, we are constantly learning about the special features of online counselling in the field of religiously justified extremism. The counselling concepts were drawn up with the aid of experts from the pedagogical, Islamic and religious studies fields.

Our online counselling team

Hamza T.

  • Practicing Muslim
  • Islamic scientist
  • Footballer
  • Online street worker

Chiara S.

  • Loving Mother
  • Social scientist
  • Enjoys kickboxing
  • Online street worker

Murat Y.

  • Empathic Muslim
  • Islamic scientist
  • Enjoys philosophising
  • Online street worker