We are here for you!

We provide online consultations completely anonymous via email-consulting and chat

Our approach


What we want

We are convinced that everyone has the right to freely choose and practice their religion. We also believe that every person has been given the skills to solve their problems. Our task is to work with you to discover these skills and your strengths. We also support you on your path to changing your life.


Who we want to reach

Did you have reasons for joining a group whose religious interpretation you have come to doubt? Perhaps you only noticed later that there are people in the group whose values you do not fully share? You no longer know whether this environment is still the right one for you, or you would first like to talk to someone about it. In that case, we are the right people to talk to.

If you have decided for yourself that you want your life to take a positive turn and have found the courage to let online counselling guide you, then we would be happy to support you.


How we do it

Together, we look for ways for you to deal with your doubts, questions, or desire for change. We support you in developing new perspectives and opportunities for change.

We believe that everyone is able to find a suitable solution by themselves. We would like to give you hope and encourage you to find a de-escalating way of dealing with conflicts by yourself, even in difficult situations. We advise and help you to do this – anonymously, confidentially and free of charge.